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Hottest Wedding Trends for 2020

The year 2020 has arrived—and with it, the beginning of a new decade and new bold wedding trends!
There have been tons of blogs and articles written on this topic already. And I am not here to add yet another one on what to look for in 2020. 
Instead, I am here to tell you which ones are my favorites-the hottest and coolest ones I will be suggesting to my couples to adopt this year.

So, If your love story has been grand, then why dull it out with a traditional wedding? Set examples for all the lovers out there and have the trendiest wedding of 2020.  

Out there in Nature

Do you know what’s in this year? Sustainable wedding. 
If you and your fiancé are all about going green with your lifestyle, why not start the next chapter of your life this way? Create a wedding set up out in nature and try upcycling your wedding. Reduce the carbon footprint by sending online wedding invitations, holding your ceremony and reception at one location to lower travel emissions, using paper or bamboo straws instead of plastic ones, and petal confetti instead of paper confetti. For your floral, consider the locally-sourced flowers and wildflowers. Low water options like cacti and succulents, grasses such as pampas, or dried flower arrangements are increasingly popular. You can also consider renting trees and plants and repurpose ceremony floral in the reception area.  
Most importantly, choose vendors who have adapted a green way to do things.

Hottest wedding trends for 2020

Well, the year 2020 is all about micro weddings!

A micro wedding has a decreased guest count to invest more in each person. Couples are going into pampering their invitees. And to do so, they actively chose to reduce their count. The devil is in the detail. It is all about creating an extraordinary and unique personalized experience for their guests. 

Bold is the New Gold

Another trend that is making its way in the wedding décor is the use of bold colors and metallics and mix-matched themes.
Weddings have previously been mostly about using essential color palettes, but we see a shift in this mindset in 2020. Instead of going for neutral shades and pastel colors, couples are choosing colors that create a vibrant scene. Sharp contrasts and bright colors with the introduction of metallic material are going to rule this year. 
The rule of having a uniformized wedding theme is not a must anymore. Couples in 2020 want to shake up things and create a unique décor that reflects their personality. So hello to mixing and matching individual table settings to give a different vibe to each guest!

Another trend that is making its way in the wedding décor is the use of bold colors and metallics and mix-matched themes.

Simple Dresses, No more!

We have seen that brides of the past have gone with more straightforward dresses following the example of Meghan Markle. However, the year 2020 is taking a turn. 
Brides are now encouraged to express their personalities with different styles and non-traditional colors. The bridal dresses of 2020 will get bolder and extra, featuring beading, volume, layers, puffy sleeves, and loads of tulle and feathers. We will see refined trousers with delicate tops made of lace as well as bold two pieces to extravagant mini dresses and everything in between. We will also see either bride wearing dresses without veils or going super-extra with their veils, adding their personalized touches like embroidered initials or a statement phrase!
For this year, less-is… we mean, more-is-more! 

Hottest wedding trends for 2020

Mismatching Bridesmaid Dresses & Gender Blending

Having bridesmaids will not go out of fashion in 2020. But, instead of having the bridesmaids all matched up with the same dress and the color theme with the wedding, many couples are now taking a more casual approach and dropping the traditional rules.Your bridesmaids will be eternally grateful to you if you allow them to choose an outfit that complements their style and body shape. Should you insist on the same shade of color, then the style of the outfit can be different. Or it can still be in the same shade but different patterns.
And I love the fact that now couples are mixing up the genders and shaking things up. Instead of an all-female line-up for the bridesmaids and an all-male one for the groomsmen, we are now seeing “best woman” and “man of honor,” “man’s maids,” and “grooms-women.” I am a firm believer that you should have the people you want standing by your side regardless of the gender or relationships. And why not? Even parents or grandparents can be included in your wedding party.
And yes, I prefer the expression of a “wedding party” rather than a “bridal party.” Let’s not forget that in many cases, nowadays, there isn’t even a bride.

Hottest wedding trends for 2020

High-Style Photo Booths

When we say that the year 2020 is going to get bold, we are also talking about the photo booths. We’ve seen flower walls at almost every wedding, and now they are out. 2020 however, will see new ideas come to play as far as the backdrop goes. We’re thinking elaborated murals, frescos, stone carvings, lavish boudoirs setting, and the likes. These high-style portrait photo booths with a professional photographer could even come in the form of an artful after-party activity. 

Hottest wedding trends for 2020

Going Big with Lighting

Well, this year, to go big on your wedding day, you might want to focus on the lighting scene as it can elevate the entire vibe and take your wedding décor to a high level of elite-ness! 
You can use this technology trend in so many ways – gorgeous hanging installations, modern tube lighting like Neon signs and LED bars, enchanting indoor trees, ceilings draped with strings of fairy lights, sparkling chandeliers, and many endless options. 
Think of enhancing your wedding venue by placing decorative illumination to highlight the best features. And surprisingly, you will find out that it can be a cost-effective investment. 

Hottest wedding trends for 2020

In conclusion, you got it…This year is all about tailored look, sophistication, creativity, and away from the traditional wedding rules! Make your wedding day the trendiest day of the year and go big by incorporating these super-sassy wedding trends for 2020!

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